Privacystatement don uitzendgroep B.V.

don uitzendgroep B.V. is responsible for the processing of your personal data. We are located at Hork22, 5421 NS in Cuijk. We carefully process your personal data and ensure appropriate security. This privacy statement shows how we handle your personal data. In addition, this statement describes the rights you have in the area of ​​privacy.

1. Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?

don uitzendgroep B.V. is responsible for all your personal data that is processed on the website, and your contacts at don uitzendgroep B.V., when you purchase services from us, or in any other way when you contact us.

What information about you can be collected?

Personal data are all data that can provide information about an identified or identifiable natural person. The personal data we use from you depends on the service you purchase from us. We may, among other things, collect and process the following categories of personal data:


  • Contact information ► Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Contract details ► Customer number, contract number, bank and payment details.
  • Information regarding your identity ► Data to establish your identity, such as a driving license or identity card.

Socio-demographic characteristics

  • Other personal data ► Information that you have provided with regard to your date of birth, education, household or professional situation.


  • Information relating to offenses ► Information about cases of fraud, offenses, suspicious transactions and sanction lists containing your data. Behavioral characteristics
  • Use of websites and communication ► Information about your website use, whether you open or forward messages from us, including data collected through cookies and other tracking techniques.
  • Creditworthiness data ► Information regarding your creditworthiness, transactions or payments that have not yet been made to us.

3. What is the purpose of processing your data?

Your personal data will be provided by don uitzendgroep B.V. processed for the following purposes:

Compliance with legal obligations

  • Legal obligations ► don uitzendgroep B.V. has a number of legal obligations. To meet these obligations, we process your data as necessary.
  • Prevention of criminal offenses ► To prevent criminal offenses or criminal acts. Guaranteeing product quality, research and development of new products or services
  • Company analysis reports ► In order to continually improve our products and services, we carry out certain analyzes based on contract information and customer data.

Compliance with contractual obligations

  • Contract management ► Contract management includes the acceptance, implementation, administration, adjustment and processing of our contracts.
  • Contractual contact and customer service ► During the contractual relationship, there may be incoming or outgoing customer contact.
  • Claim management ► In case of any damage or claims.
  • Contract termination management ► In the context of the termination of the contract we will contact you.

Promotional communication

  • Advertising and marketing ► We process your data to inform you about our offers that may be of interest to you.
  • Customer satisfaction survey ► In order to ensure that our service meets the wishes of our customers, we can ask you to cooperate in a customer satisfaction survey. When completing this survey we will ask you whether we may process your personal data together with your answers.
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4. Are your data transferred?

don working group B.V. handle your personal data carefully. In principle, we do not share your personal data with third parties. We will only share your personal data with third parties if this is necessary for the execution of the contract. For example, an insurance company or pension fund. We may also pass on your personal data to other third parties, such as government agencies, to the extent that we are legally obliged to do so.

Processing abroad

Transfers to countries outside the European Union will only take place if that country guarantees an adequate level of security, as applicable in the EU.

5. How do we protect your personal data?

We use various security measures such as data encryption and authentication tools to protect and preserve the security, integrity and availability of your data. Your data collected for the execution of the services by don working group B.V. can be used in an anonymous form to guarantee the quality of products and services and for the benefit of research and development. 'Anonymized' means that the data can no longer be directly returned to you.

6. Apply

You can apply for our vacancies via our website, you can also send open applications. In these cases we receive your personal data. We keep your personal data during the application process and as long as it is our service to you. Your personal data will be saved if you actually join us.

7. How long do we keep your data?

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, we keep your data as long as necessary for the purposes for which we process your data. To ensure that all your data is removed in accordance with the principle of data minimization and the General Data Protection Regulation, don uitzendgroep B.V. developed an internal data retention policy.

The standard retention period that we use for personal data is five years. Calculated from the end of the contract. The retention period may be longer for specific information if this is necessary to comply with legal requirements or if there is another urgent need, such as a claim, court case or tax reasons.

9. What are your rights?

If you have any questions regarding the use of your personal data, please contact don uitzendgroep B.V. by e-mail at

Do you want to use your rights? Depending on the type and size of your request, we may ask you to submit your request in writing. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, you have, as the person concerned, the following rights with regard to the don uitzendgroep B.V.:

  • Right of access: You can request information at any time regarding all your data that we keep. This information relates, among other things, to the categories of data we process, the purpose for which the personal data are processed, the origin of the data, and - where applicable - the recipients to whom we have sent the data.
  • Right to rectification: You can ask us to correct your data. We will take the necessary measures to ensure that the information you have processed is accurate, complete and up-to-date, based on the most recent information we have.
  • Right to erase your data: You can ask us to delete your data from our systems. This can include, for example, when your data is no longer required for the purposes for which we have received it, you object to the processing of your data and don the staffing group B.V. has no reason to process your data or when your data has been processed unlawfully by us. We can not, however, comply with any request for the deletion of your data. For example, we may be obliged to process your data on the basis of legal obligations, or we need your
  • Right to limit processing: You can ask us whether we limit (temporarily) the processing of your data. This is possible if you dispute the correctness of the data, if you believe that the personal details are no longer necessary for the purposes or if you believe that the processing of your personal data by the don uitzendgroep B.V. is unlawful.
  • Right to transfer data: Upon request you can receive a copy of your data, so that you can forward this data to a third party.
  • Right of objection: You can object to the processing of your data. In that case, we will no longer process your data. The latter does not apply if we can show that there are compelling, justifiable grounds for processing that outweigh your interests or if we need your data to enforce or enforce legal claims, or to defend ourselves against legal claims.
  • Time limits for compliance with the rights of the data subjects: We make every effort to comply with your request within 30 days. However, this time limit may be extended for
  • reasons related to the specific rights of data subjects or the complexity of the request. Complaints to supervisory authorities: don uitzendgroep B.V. takes your reservations and rights very seriously. However, if you are of the opinion that we have not handled your complaints or reservations properly, you have the right to file a complaint with the responsible data protection authority, the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

If you have questions about your privacy and our privacy and cookie statement, you can ask them via the contact form on our website.